Quality Control Services

2340 SE 11th Ave Portland, OR 97214

Quality Control Services is an established, accredited calibration services and laboratory equipment company with over 40 years of experience.

We provide calibration service for a wide variety of laboratory equipment, as listed below. We are accredited for the majority of these disciplines by A2LA (American Association for Laboratory Accreditation) under certificate number 1550.01. We pride ourselves on accurate and precise measurements, and the capabilities shown on our scope of accreditation attest to this continued commitment. Much of this equipment can be calibrated right at your facility, minimizing downtime for your processes. Our highly trained field technicians cover all of Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and Montana, as well as portions of California, Nevada, Wyoming, and Hawaii.

Our inhouse calibration laboratory can service everything listed below, as long as it can be shipped to us safely. Some items can only be calibrated at our facility, due to the nature of the facilities or equipment necessary. We receive equipment for calibration from clients across the United States, and even see a few things from our Canadian neighbors. The few instances where inhouse calibration might not be optimal are detailed below.

(AS) = Accredited Service Available, (FS) = Field Service Available

Balances – (AS), (FS)

Scales – (AS), (FS)

Pipettes and Dispensers – (AS), Contact QCS (FS)

Moisture Analyzers – (AS), (FS)

Mass/Weights – (AS)

Temperature:Thermometers – (AS)

Temperature:Measurement – (AS), (FS)

Fume Hoods – (AS), (FS)

Rotational Speed – (AS), (FS)

pH Meters – (AS), (FS)

Conductivity Meters – (AS), (FS)

Dissolved Oxygen Meters – (AS), (FS)

Turbidity Meters – (AS), (FS)

Refractometers – (AS), (FS)

Spectrophotometers – (AS), (FS)

Titrators – (AS), (FS)

Load Cells/Force Gages – (FS)