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Picus Electronic

Picus, the winner of the Red Dot design award and the Fennia Prize Honorary Mention, is Sartorius' newest, and most ergonomic, pipette. Designed to revolutionize pipetting, it is the lightest electronic pipette on the market. This enables it to ease the user's workload and provides protection from repetitive strain injury (RSI). Its new generation technology, electronic brake and piston control system guarantee accurate and precise pipetting results.

The unique, multi-purpose adjustment wheel enables fast one-handed operation. A conveniently located operating button and one-touch, feather-light electronic tip ejectionhelp minimize muscle strain during pipetting. The comfortable design of the handle and finger hook enables the pipette to rest lightly in your hand, without requiring you to grip the pipette tightly. The Electronic brake stops the piston movement rapidly and accurately, ensuring high precision, which is especially advantageous in serial dispensing. The unique microwell plate tracker guides you to pipette into the correct wells.

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  • Uniquely lightweight and compact design maximizes user convenience
  • Superior technology ensures highly accurate and repeatable results
  • Intuitive user interface in a choice of language options for total ease of use
  • Advanced reliability and safety with Picus® NxT for highly regulated environments.
 Picus Electronic
Description Order No. Vol. Range List Price QCS Price
1-CH 735021 0.2-10 µL $1110 $945
1-CH 735041 5-120 µL $1110 $945
1-CH 735061 10-300 µL $1110 $945
1-CH 735081 50-1000 µL $1110 $945
1-CH 735101 100-5000 µL $1110 $945
1-CH 735111 500-10 mL $1110 $945
8-CH 735321 0.2-10 µL $1830 $1550
8-CH 735341 5-120 µL $1830 $1550
8-CH 735361 10-300 µL $1830 $1550
8-CH 735391 50-1200 µL $1830 $1550
12-CH 735421 0.2-10 µL $2310 $1950
12-CH 735441 5-120 µL $2310 $1950
12-CH 735461 10-300 µL $2310 $1950
12-CH 735491 50-1200 µL $2310 $1950