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Ranger 3000 Multipurpose Compact Bench Scales for Basic Industrial Applications.

The multipurpose Ranger 3000 has all of the capabilities to produce precise results rapidly for a variety of applications. With seven application modes, Ranger 3000 is the ideal scale to meet many industrial weighing needs. Portable and equipped with a rechargeable battery, this scale is beneficial in every corner of the factory and is equipped with functions and features that elevate the Ranger 3000 to a class of its own.

Part Number: R31P15 ( 30lbs x 0.01lbs ) NTEP / Legal for Trade

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  • Weighing, Parts Counting, Checkweighing, Percent Weighing, Animal/Dynamic Weighing, Display Hold, Accumulation
  • Backlit liquid crystal display (LCD), 3 color checkweighing LEDs
  • AC power (included) or rechargeable battery (included)
  • Easy access communication port including standard RS232 (included) and second RS232, USB or Ethernet (accessories sold separately)
  • NTEP / Legal for Trade

Weighing Capacity (lbs)


Readability (lbs)


Pan size (mm)

225 x 300

Battery Life (hrs)