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Quintix224 Sartorius Analytical Balance

The intuitive touch-screen in combination with the most precise weighing technology make Quintix laboratory balances the only choice to achieve the best results. You will benefit from improved workflows by easy-to-use application programs. If you need to generate GLP-compliant documents, you will save considerable time and effort with the -plug and work- connectivity of Quintix laboratory balances.

Part Number: Quintix224 ( 220g x 0.1mg )

Price: $ 5050.00
MAP Price: $ 4292.50

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  • Intuitive operation of the balance without having to read a manual thanks to the new user interface and color touch screen
  • Integrated application programs and intuitive user guidance for greater efficiency in your daily lab routine
  • Highest accuracy and convenience ensured at all times by the isoCAL fully automatic internal adjustment feature
  • Easier record-keeping using the balance's directly integrated PC functions and Plug & Work connectivity to a Sartorius lab printer

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